Yoga Wrist Wrap 18” with Wrist Support – Weightlifting, Bodybuilding

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  • STRETHEN YOUR WRIST & EXPAND YOUR LIMITS – TOKYODO new designed wrist wraps designed to give you optimal support and stability for weightlifting / CrossFit / MMA / Powerlifting / push-ups / planks / burpees & Strength training. These wraps will protect you from potential injuries, and enable you to outperform.
  • COMPRESSED THUMB LOOP – Adjustable thumb loop gives enormous grip and stability ensuring zero slack when doing exercise. TOKYODO Competition grade wrist wrap allows you to push harder and gain more muscles.
  • PERFECT FIT – Premium grade elastic support provide enormous comfort and stability during workout, and fits perfectly to all sizes. Adjustable self-fastening closure allows you a great flexibility in tightening or loosening your wraps. Click add to cart now, and push your limits with TOKYODO premium grade wraps.
  • EXQUISITE CRAFTSMASHIP – TOKYODO elastic wrist wrap crafted with diligence. The comfortable and sturdy design renders impressive durability you can count on. Highlighted by reinforced stitching strategically placed based on research, the wraps we sell are built to endure the toughest wear and tear. 
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE – TOKYODO finest quality material ensures a durable and worthy buying experience that drives confidence in customer’s purchase decision. We take customer’s satisfaction seriously and we pleased to resolve any issue that may arise.

Lifting weights made easy!

Lifting weights can cause unusual tension on your wrist and forearm leading to wear and tear beyond bearable limits therefore our wrist wraps ensure support to protect you from potential injuries. The support around your wrist also contributes to low rates of fatigue during workouts and furthermore acts as a preventative mechanism against stinging pains, inflammation and stiffness.

Ideal for any workout. A reliable and smart choice for every working-out individual. It caters to your everyday needs with optimized compression and stabilization.

A reliable product that can be trusted even when the going gets tough!

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Made by passionate athletes for athletes and passionate workout enthusiasts, these wrist wraps will protect and support you to reach your fitness goals whether you are recovering from an injury or you want to maximally gain from your supporting activities and workout routines.

Are You Ready to Train Harder Without Wrist Pain, Hand Pain, Fatigue and Strain?

TOKYODO wrist wraps are made to do just that. Features an adjustable design that allows a snug fit around your wrist so that you can train harder and more often without hand and wrist pain or strain. These new improved hand wrist wraps are just the perfect workout tool for newbies.

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