Tokyodo Figure 8 Lifting Straps with Neoprene Padding 100% Cotton for Deadlifting, Shrugs, and Weightlifting


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Protect your grip and improve your weightlifting bar control

When it’s time to get your hands on a heavy bar weighted down with hundreds of pounds, it’s important to maintain a strong grip for safety and stability.

Tokyodo Figure 8 Lifting Straps made from 100% cotton with Neoprene Padding, makes it easier to get a snug, slip-resistant grip on the bar without impacting wrist stability or comfort. You can focus more on the rep count and less on grip issues.

Made for Quality

Our straps were designed to be a quality product. They are constructed with custom made, heavyweight, premium quality material which is both soft to the touch, while remaining extremely strong and durable.


  1. Figure 8 Lifting Straps with Neoprene Padding - These lifting straps use a stronger, more comfortable design to give you better grip and control over the bar.
  2. One Size Fits All
  3. BIGGER LIFTS: By locking your hands onto the bar, you can focus on the LIFT, not the GRIP.
  4. Figure 8 Lifting Straps are the #1 choice among serious dead lifters, strongmen competitors and power lifters.
  5. Easy to use and quick fit around bar

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