Tokyodo Ankle Straps, Adjustable Comfort Fit Neoprene Padding, Nylon Web, Metal D Ring for Cable Machines Strength Exercises


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Tokyodo Ankle Straps Available Now!!

Enhance your workouts by ensuring proper technique with premium Ankle Straps from Tokyodo!

It’s important that you protect the health of your legs, feet and ankles with premium-grade Ankle Straps.

Enhanced Strength and Reliability

Crafted with soft, comfort-fit neoprene we offer a secure fit for anyone looking to enhance their leg exercises with proper form and better leverage. We make sure you’re getting the best leg workout and maintaining the best form while sculpting your body.


Product Specification

Black ASTRP02BABA B07KTRNSXX 669002886489
Pink ASTRP02BAPI B07KTGK9C4 669002886496 


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