Stylish Gym, Weight Lifting Belt with Metal Buckle CrossFit, Bodybuilding

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Our high-performance weight lifting belts are perfectly made for your daily weight lifting workouts. Be it lifting heavier weights or aiming for more dips/chin-ups or intensive squats. Our purposely designed weight lifting belts gives you an extra push to an extra mile performance. The fine quality leather used gives our customers the right comfort and durability they usually look for. Oh yes, and the easy-to-use Self Fastening Closure System provides an ease to fasten or unfasten the belt quickly and easily.

And the list doesn't end here as our product provide some additional benefits to our valuable patrons.

High Quality embossed neoprene along with a strong self fastening closing system
Double Plyed for great hold and support.
An easy-to-use strong Self Fastening Closure System, supported by Stainless Steel Slide Bar Buckle
Different sizes and adjustable
Great value for money


  1. High Quality embossed neoprene 6.5” wide with different sizes
  2. Double-ply for extra adherence and support and Breathable inside Tricot Lining
  3. Strong Self Fastening Closing system, supported by Stainless Steel Slide Bar Buckle
  4. Extra durability and comfort
  5. Perfect for daily weight lifting workouts

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