Hombury Leather Driving Gloves, Dressing Gloves, Sheep Leather


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We provide superior quality gloves made with high-quality sheep leather for multipurpose usage, providing great comprehensive comfort and value.

The pure quality sheep leather has nicely been designed and manufactured yet catering to the aesthetic accumulation and fashion trend.


  • The new leather glove would be slightly tight, it would be more fit with the passage of wearing time.
  • Gloves get packed right after it gets off the production belt. So, they may smell bad when you receive them. In order to remove them, just place them in a ventilated place.


  • Not suitable for rough use
  • Avoid using sharp or rough objects.
  • Avoid exposing it to the sun directly.

* Drying it with a hairdryer is strictly not advisable.

  1. High Quality Sheep Leather
  2. Available in different sizes & colors
  3. Quintessential for driving, dressing, and using electronics touchable, etc.
  4. Choose the size by the left size chart image
  5. Comfortable Wearing

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