Head Harness Strap, Neck Strength Builder for Weight Lifting

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Tokyodo head harness strap is designed for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and other athletes to exercise neck strength.

Our neck curl harness is sleek, modern and the preferred choice of neck workout equipment for both men and women. This is because of your ability to neck flex when wearing this equipment, which helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your spine.

Routine use of a head harness can build muscle mass as well as strengthen neck, shoulder, and upper back muscles.

Tokyodo is a renowned brand in Sports and Martial Arts & equipment. We deliver this high quality product in schools and sells online.Visit our other listings for your other needs.


  1. Essential tool for neck strength developing exercise
  2. Head harness condition the neck and upper back muscle.
  3. IMPROVED COMFORT: This neck strap also helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of your spine, making it the best neck harness for weight training.
  5. It comes with Neoprene padding

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