Stylish Gym, Weight Lifting Belt with Metal Buckle CrossFit, Bodybuilding

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  • PROVIDE BACK SUPPORT and SAFETY: This weight lifting belt provides you with the perfect customized support and stability to prevent injuries while allowing full range of motion so that you can reach your goals in workouts that require you to brace the core such as deadlifts and squats. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT and BREATHABLE: The performance waist belt features an interior foam cushioning with a soft and breathable tricot lining for enhanced comfort during strenuous weightlifting workouts. The weight belt ensures you get the right amount of compressional support throughout your workout. 
  • COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC FIT: This women's weightlifting belt is ergonomically designed to provide a contoured fit that secures your lower back in a neutral position and stabilizes your core muscles during any strength training workout. 
  • SUPPORTIVE, ADJUSTABLE SUPPORT: This weightlifting back support belt is fitted with an adjustable hook & loop fastener that allows you to easily loosen and tighten the belt for the right support and comfort during your workouts. The buckle strap will keep the weight belt secure even during the heaviest and intense lifts.
  • VERSATILE STRENGTH TRAINING TOOL: This back belt for weightlifting provides you with the superior lower back, lumbar and core support you require to masterly and confidently do Deadlifts, Thrusters, Squats, Power Cleans, Crossfit, jerks and other fitness routines.



Whether you are looking to take strength training to the next level or looking for the right support in your injury rehabilitation, TOKYODO new improved weight lifting belt is got you covered. Boosting a generous 6-inch wide flexible support panel, TOKYODO crossfit back support belt provides you maximum lower back and abdominal support and stability WITHOUT impeding your movement so that you can comfortably and freely perform a wide range of strength training exercises. 

Contoured design for a natural 

For the ultimate experience, this deadlifting belt combines ultra-light and breathable material design with a contoured and tapered design that will anatomically conform to your body’s natural shape for greater coverage and firm support without hindering mobility. 

Comfort meets Function

The thick cushioning helps you maintain the ideal posture during those deep and heavy workouts that require added support such as deadlifts, hang cleans, squats and much more. 

Flexible Support

Boosts a 6” wide foam core belt combined with an adjustable hook & loop fastener strap for maximum, customizable lower back and abdomen stabilization during weight lift exercises. 
The heavy-duty strap allows you to set just the right amount of compression to keep your waist in a stable position throughout your workouts. 

Made by Athletes for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

By stabilizing and supporting your abdomen and lumbar vertebrae, this hook & loop fastener weight belt makes you feel safe and confident when performing squats, deadlifts, power cleans, hang cleans, Whether you are a powerlifter, bodybuilder or cross trainer, this lifting belt got you covered. A must- have for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts! 


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