Sports & Martial Arts Leather Gloves for Cycling, Weight lifting, Gym Training

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  • FULL HANDS PROTECTION: Uniquely designed with genuine goat leather with extra padding, these weightlifting gloves offer full protection to your entire palm and fingers against abrasion so that you can DO MORE LIFTS WITHOUT TEARS, SORES, BLISTERS, AND INJURIES! 
  • EXTRA COMFORT and SUPPORT: Designed for comfort and durability, these fingerless weight gloves feature breathable nip palm with a soft and breathable foam padding for excellent ventilation, comfort, and support during heavy lifting. No more sweaty and slippery injury-prone hands!!!
  • SUPERIOR GRIP: These genuine goat leather weight lifting gloves feature dotted rubber top layer which provides high traction surface which ensures a firm, anti-skid enhanced grip so that you can confidently and safely lift weights. Protect your palm, fingers, and thumb from tears and rips! Order now!
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Each sports glove for women is fitted with 18-INCH WRIST STRAP with rubber logo design. The strap can be tightened and loosen vie hook & loop fastener for personalized fit and support in your strenuous workouts.
  • VERSATILE SUPPORT AND PROTECTION: These Weight Lifting Gloves with Built-In Wrist Wraps provide you with much-needed wrist support, palm and fingers protection during pull-ups, weightlifting, gym, cycling and other exercises that require protection and support.


Productive workouts require commitment, resilience, and a high level of protection. That's why these fingerless weight gloves are a must-wear every weight lifting workout.

✔Made of premium quality goat leather for superior protection of your hands against painful abrasions and injuries.

✔Surrounded with resilient nip palm with foam padding to relieve hand pressure while minimizing chaffing, callouses, and sores so that you lift and exercise more.

Breathable and Comfortable

Made with soft, comfortable fabric and breathable, moisture-wicking padded layer for increased breathability making workouts more comfortable and less sweaty so that you can lift more.

Snug Fit for Different Sizes
    • The built-in wrist 18 inches wraps ensure you get the perfect snug fit and wrist support for comfortable, safe, and effective lifting performance. Perfect for both men and women.
    • The strategically fitted dotted rubber, providing exceptional grip which allows you to confidently and safely perform your exercises. The perfect way to get more REPS!


These weightlifting gloves will provide you with excellent wrist support and superior palms protection during Weightlifting, CrossFit, Cleans, Squats, Deadlifts, Jerks, Ring Dips, Kettlebell Swings, Muscle Ups and other lifts that require extra protection. WHY MOST ATHLETES AND FITNESS ENTHUSIAST USE TOKYODO SPORTS GLOVES?

✔Prevents injuries, blisters, and calluses

✔Provides Enhanced control during heavy lifts

✔Enhances comfort and reduces sweat during strenuous workouts

✔Enhances grip and Confidence During heavy lifting

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned athlete, these sports gloves will provide you with the comfort and support you need to reach your goals ADD TO CART NOW!!!

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