Multipurpose Knee Wraps with Compression & Elastic Support for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting

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Looking for a knee wrap for ultimate knee compression and elastic support? Look no further than our superior quality knee wraps to help you maintain knee integrity! 2 Wraps in a pack.


  1. Made of cotton, polyester, spandex & available in different colors
  2. Elastic & Strong Sticky to adjust to your preferred support tightness
  3. 72” long and 3” wide competition-grade elastic provided for ultimate knee support and stability
  4. Get rid of sweaty and clammy knees
  5. Easy to use and adjust with self-adhesive fastener straps



  • An excellent multipurpose knee wraps for bodybuilding, powerlifting, recovery, protection, and any joint you aim to protect or compress!
  • Self-adhesive fastener straps make it much easier to use and adjustable


  • BECOME A POWERLIFTER - Allows powerlifter more weight to be lifted in the squat.
  • KNEE SAFETY - Improve knee safety during heavy squatting
  • STORAGE OF ELASTIC ENERGY - Tightness of the wraps allow for a high amount of elastic energy to be stored
  • STRESS REDUCTION - Reduces stress and pulling forces on the quadriceps tendon
  • POSTURE IMPROVEMENT - It improves Posture and Form
  • GET RID OF ARTHRITIS - It helps prevent Arthritis

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