TOKYODO Lifting Wrist Wrap 18” with Soft Neoprene Padding – Heavy-Duty Gym Straps for Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Crossfit – Improves Grip – Ideal for Men and Women

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  • MADE FOR OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE IN THE GYM: If you are looking for wrist straps to help you perform better and push your limits in the gym, these are just what you need. They are excellent straps for use on dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, bumper plates and more. You are definitely going to love the improved grip strength.
  • IDEAL LIFT STRAPS FOR PROFESSIONALS: Our gym lift straps are designed to deliver a more stable grip when working out. They are ideal for professional weightlifters and bodybuilders. They are going to be your favorite gym straps for doing deadlifts, barbells, deadlifts and other exercises.
  • DELIVERS EXCELLENT WRIST SUPPORT: Give your wrists the best support when working out with these straps. The straps feature a thick neoprene padding that helps distribute pressure evenly. This makes workouts more comfortable and ensures you have optimum bar control.
  • PROTECTS SKIN AND WRIST FROM INJURY: Having a good grip when doing powerlifting or weightlifting greatly reduces the chances of hurting your hands, fingers, and wrists. Injuries like skin abrasions, tears and rips are going to be a thing of the past with these workout wrist straps to back you up.
  • EASY TO USE AND QUICK TO ADJUST: Measuring 18” in length, our wrist wraps are just perfect for both men and women lifters. The wrist straps allow you to easily adjust the wrap for just the perfect amount of stability. Every purchase you make gets you nothing but the best quality. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

Are You Ready to Train Harder Without Wrist Pain, Hand Pain, Fatigue and Strain?

TOKYODO wrist wraps are made to do just that. Features an adjustable design that allows a snug fit around your wrist so that you can train harder and more often without hand and wrist pain or strain. These new improved hand wrist wrap are just the perfect workout tool for newbies, veterans, men or women to get the best out of Snatches, Cross-Training, Deadlifts or Clean Pulls while minimizing injuries.  

Make Your Workouts More Productive

Made by passionate athletes for athletes and passionate workout enthusiasts, these lifting wraps will protect and support you to reach your fitness goals whether you are recovering from an injury or you want to maximally gain from your supporting activities and workout routines. 

A must-have for Bodybuilders, Powerlifters or just General Weightlifters.

Build Core strength WITHOUT Compromising on Health.  

A thick neoprene padding cushion keeps you comfortable and focused on your goals as you work out in the gym. It prevents irritation, blisters, and tears as you lift heavyweights. The wrist wrap is also wide for even better comfort.  

Made for A Perfect Fit

An adjustable fit allows you to get a better grip on barbells, dumbbells and whatever else you want to lift. You can adjust how loose or tight the wrap is around your wrist, making it a great gym accessory for both men and women too.

A Workout Partner You Can Count On

The heavy-duty cotton and neoprene padding help prevent injuries, provide enhanced stability and improved support so that you safely and confidently build strength, mass muscle and stamina. An unbelievably durable gym companion that will make you realize what you have been lacking to become the new champion. 

Lift More and Maximize Your Muscle Gains, Click Add to Cart NOW!!!

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