Tokyodo Gym Genuine Leather Palm Gloves with Four Way Stretchable Back and Strong Sticky Adjustable Strap, 8 mm Foam Padded, Multipurpose, Towel Thumb with Rubber Logo Strap Design


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* Suitable for Men and Women: for CrossFit (WOD), Weightlifting, Gym, Powerlifting, Fitness, Cycling, Biking, Personal Training, Combat, Wheelchair, Golf, Rowing, Rope Climbing, MMA, Bicycle, etc.

* Great Grip & Non-Slip: Genuine Leather palm strengthen the grip to grab all kind of exercise equipment. 8 mm foam padded with towel thumb design and strong sticky adjustable strap gives an extra support.

* Quality Material and Quick Removal: ultra comfortable and soft, breathable material help to sweat from the hands and absorb.

* Four way stretchable back with rubber logo strap design.

TOKYODO is a renowned sports brand in MARTIAL ARTS & other Fitness Accessories.



  1. Genuine Leather Palm Gloves. 8mm Foam Padded
  2. Multi-Purpose Use Like Cycling, Weight lifting, Gym
  3. Sports Gloves with Four way stretchable back and strong sticky adjustable strap.
  4. Various sizes in different colors; Small Medium Large X-Large
  5. Ideal for beginners or casual users. Towel thumb design.

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