Tokyodo Martial Art Gi Bag with Drawstring - Multi Purpose Semi Mash Backpack


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Tokyodo Martial Art Gi Mesh Bags are the best choice for carrying gym accessories with lots of air ventilation and for all daily activities. Our Mesh Bags are so much more convenient, lightweight, and handy. Mesh bags are always easy to handle and take places where you need to carry stuff.

Tokyodo Mesh bags are the perfect choice because of the durable material and guaranteed quality to look your back. If you are looking for your true travel companion, Tokyodo Mesh bags are the only right choice.


Product Features:

  • Best for carrying Martial Art Gi, Uniforms, Sports Accessories with air flow
  • Multi-purpose bag
  • Simple design to suit any place you like to carry it to.
  • Durable and handy for any sort of travelling.

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