Lifting Strap 12" with Self Fastening for CrossFit, Weightlifting, BodyBuilding, GYM Training

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Looking to increase weights and reps overnight? Whilst looking to reducing fatigue for hands and wrist on the other hand? Look no further than our exclusive high-quality weightlifting straps.

Our eminent quality weightlifting straps are made of fine-quality cotton and neoprene that gives just the right amount of strength and security you need for your daily gym workouts. Along with that you also get the perfect grip around both the bar and the wrist, enabling you to concentrate on your targeted muscle groups. The Cotton Web and Self Fastening Closure provides an ease to wear and neoprene gives comfort.

Design is the most noticeable thing especially when it comes to the gym accessories. You don’t either prefer to wear a not-so-cool weightlifting strap that would make you look down in front of your fellow gym buddies. Our cleverly designed wrist straps provide you an extra cushion and style that makes you confident and stand apart from the crowd.

Tokyodo Weight Lifting Straps:
Appropriate for both men and women
Upholstered for extra cushion
Reduce fatigue from wrists and hands
One size fits all along with a few more inches adjustability
Hardwearing, long-lasting fabric


  1. MATERIAL: 12” Cotton Web, Self Fastening Closure & 7” wide Neoprene padding
  2. NO-SLIP: Simply, no slippage while lifting weight.
  3. VERSATILE: Firm and comfortable lifting grips for Bodybuilding, Weight lifting, Cross Fitness, Power lifting, Cross Training, Lifting straps for Gym, and more
  4. ENHANCE: Neoprene upholstering provides extra grasp on dumbbell, barbell, bar or handle
  5. COMFORT: Diminish stress on wrist with Tokyodo high-quality stitched cotton weight lifting straps.

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