Ankle Straps Metal D Ring for Cable Machines Strength Exercises

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  • PERFECT WAY TO GIVE YOUR LOWER BODY A GOOD WORKOUT: Strengthen your lower body with these easy to use ankle straps. They are the perfect way to give your glute, calf, lower leg and hip muscles a thorough workout. They are a must-have gym accessory for any gym lover.
  • IDEAL FOR MULTIPLE EXERCISE ROUTINES: Whether you are working out in the gym or at home, these kickback ankle straps ensure you get the most out of every session. They will work with standard cable systems, functional trainers, and resistant trainers too. Just perfect for hip abductions, leg extensions, leg curls, and other leg workouts.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ABSOLUTE COMFORT: Our ankle straps are made with a soft neoprene layer to cushion your ankle from the raw pressure when working out. Chaffed skin, blisters, and sore ankles will be a thing of the past no matter how intense your workouts get.
  • MADE TO WITHSTAND INTENSE WORKOUTS: Never settle for a fitness ankle strap that cannot hold up when things get hot in the gym. TOKYODO straps are made from super strong material to withstand everything you’ll throw at it. A metal D ring ensures a strong attachment to any equipment.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE FOR A PERFECT FIT: A snug fit ensures you can push yourself to the limit without hindrance. A strong and sturdy hook & loop fastener strap allows you to adjust the fit just how you like it. Every purchase you make from us gets you closer to your workout goals. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to get your knee strap today!

Make Every Effort Count

Whether you are a seasoned professional athlete, a newbie or a woman who wants to tone and sculpt your body? TOKYODO ankle straps will inspire and support you to the best version of yourself.

The ankle straps feature an adjustable design that allows a snug fit around your ankle while still being comfortable and flexible enough so that you can work out harder and safely with ease. Just the right workout companion for both men and women looking to tone up their lower body and build leaner muscles and firm bodies. 

Harden Your Lower back, Tights, and Glutes

These ankle straps help you boost and strengthen your body and glutes by focusing on your knees, ankles, thighs, quads, and hips. This helps boost strength and stamina required for performing deadlifts, squats and other compound lifts.

Easy Workouts at Home or In the Gym

Whether you are working out in the gym and have access to professional-grade equipment or working out at home with DIY resistant trainers, these ankle straps are made for you. You can easily attach them to any equipment and can be used to provide extra support to your ankles when doing other exercise routines.

Extra Strength for Any Workout

Strong and heavy-duty materials ensure you get the most out of these straps. They are designed to last years of use and not show it. A super strong D-ring makes it easy to attach to cables and the tough hook & loop fastener makes adjusting the radius around your ankle easy.

Enjoy Comfort as You Work Out

We know comfort plays a huge part in how productive your workouts can be. That’s why we designed our straps with padding to ensure maximum comfort so that you can get the best leg and body workout.  


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